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Talkin' Folk

Apr 28, 2020

Greetings and salutations!

Welcome back Jimmy to the show to talk about Phoebe Bridgers' upcoming album "Punisher" with Nick. She's released two songs ahead of her June album:


"Garden Song"


Apr 24, 2020

New show art? You bet! WWLT is here to stay...

This week we're Talkin':

The Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations" (Plus a bonus lesson on the electro-theremin??)

Delta Rae, The McCrary Sisters, "From One Woman to Another"

Dougie Poole, "Vaping on the Job"

The White Buffalo, "Problem Solution"

Orville Peck, "Summertime"


Apr 21, 2020

This weeks episode is a little funky, little bluesy, and full of soul. When we stray away from traditional folk or country, it needs to be for good reason...and Marcus King's "El Dorado" album certainly fits the bill.

This week we're Talkin':

"The Well"

"Wildflowers & Wine"

"Beautiful Stranger"

"Too Much Whiskey"

Apr 17, 2020

You guessed it! Courtney and Nick are back for WWLT from quarantine!

This week we're Talkin':

Those Darlins, "Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian" (John Prine cover)

Brittany Howard, "Stay High - Spotify Single"

Bright Eyes, "Persona Non Grata"

JR JR, "The Way I Do"

Devon Gilfillian, "Unchained - Stripped"

The Avett Brothers,...

Apr 14, 2020

This week's episode is about the latest 3 tracks that David Ramirez has released over the past month, creating a love-story EP! 

"Lover, Will You Lead Me?"

"Hallelujah, Love is Real!"

"I Wanna Live in Your Bedroom"