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Talkin' Folk

Jun 30, 2020

Nick and Jimmy sat down to talk about Christian Lee Hutson's excellent debut album "Beginners"!

Song covered:


"Get The Old Band Back Together"

"Keep You Down"


Jun 26, 2020

Ever wonder what happens when you mix up Lou Reed, Suzanne Vega, and Annie Lennox? Turns out you get a great HAIM song off their new album out today! Thanks to Jay Sweet for pointing it out. 

Today we're Talkin': 

"Pelota" by Khruangbin

"The Ridge" by Julian Taylor

"Love is a Fire" by Brandy Clark

"Summer Girl" by...

Jun 23, 2020

John Prine, who passed in April 2020, left his fans one final songwriting gem on a subject he's touched on before...getting old.

On this week's show, Nick looks at the 1971 masterpiece "Hello In There" and compares it to how he felt in 2020 with "I Remember Everything"... John, thanks for everything, including this one...

Jun 19, 2020

Happy 78th Birthday Sir Paul McCartney!

Hope you enjoy this week's episode of WWLT, we're Talkin': 

The Gourds, "Gin and Juice"

Son Little, "hey rose"

Arlo McKinley, "Walking Shoes"

Sean W Spellman, "Baby Blue"

Neil Young, "Vacancy"

PLUS a bonus McCartney track

Jun 16, 2020

Mac Miller on Talkin' Folk?? Yep.

This episode Joe tuned in to take Nick through some of his favorites from the Rayland Baxter album "Good Mmornin"...

Baxter's album is a collection of covers from the late Mac Miller. As a bonus, we'll feature both the Rayland covers and Mac Miller originals of:

"Small Worlds"